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Lal Din Son’s Foods Pvt Ltd was established with the dynamic vision of becoming a leading exporter of Pakistan in the rice industry. Today, LDS Foods is one of the emerging exporters and providers of superior quality rice from Pakistan, boasting over 25 years of experience in the rice industry.


Our great father, Haji Lal Din (late), initiated Data Rice Mills in 1998 and transferred his legacy to the next generation as Lal Din Son Foods Pvt Ltd. We are rooted in traditional values such as loyalty, transparency, customer friendliness, and the empowerment of farmers. LDS Foods proudly celebrates the silver jubilee of culinary tradition and the taste of adventure.

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Interesting things around us

Rice Farming

For the production of fine quality rice LDS stated the cultivation of rice in its own agriculture farms. The specialty is that LDS produces its own seed of rice for its use and also sales this quality seed to other farmers in the area. This seed is famous for its quality and getting extra products. Farms of LDS are on number one to getting the paddy in all area.

Paddy Procurement

The quest to sale best rice starts with seed selection. Keep this idea in mind finest quality of paddy is purchased from the best rice growers. Price is not an issue where quality matters. Farmers are directly contacted to ensure that we receive the highest quality of paddy.

Paddy Drying

Drying of paddy is an art. The maturity of Rice directly effects the cooking of Rice. Once cleared from the laboratory, paddy is then received in drying section equipped with latest steam dryer technology.


Paddy husking is a very delicate job in rice industry. We perform this work with state of art machinery and fully skilled work force. We maintain the rice quality to keep its natural outlook without broken edges.

Rice Polishing

After husking paddy, rice is in brown color we turn rice in White color with our latest rice processing machines. We have expert team for this process. The layer of Bran is removed through polishing process to achieve the pearl white look.

Rice Grading

After polishing process Rice is graded at different stages on the basis of length and thickness. The shriveled, under-milled and broken grains are separated from the whole grain to achieve optimum and uniform grain length. This process is carried through three stage length and thickness grading cylinders.

Color Sorting

A rice color sorting machine separates rice grains according to color differences in raw rice arising from anomalies like bits of stone, bad rice, black rice, etc. A high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives a mechanical sorter to separate different color rice from final product. By removing such impurities in this process improves the quality of the rice.


In LDS Foods, we use sealed rice storage bins after color sorting process. From storage bins our work force packed rice into required packing bags and stitched or sealed these bags according to weight demands by our customers. We use environment friendly packing material.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping is a very important part of supply chain and its importance is even more significant when the cargo is rice. At LDS Foods, we have a complete established shipping and logistics section. This section gives complete shipping solution to our customers and handles their shipments. We provide tracking information to our clients. We also ensure that our customer should not face any hassle at POD.

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