Irri 6

long soft grains non-basmati rice

This long grain variety is inferior to others grades of non-basmati and is generally supplied in bulk shipments to African regions

IRRI-6 long Grain Rice is Short long grain non-basmati rice produce in interior Sindh and Punjab Region of Pakistan.  IRRI-6 Long Grain is very popular in Bangladesh, African Continent and Gulf Markets.


Irri 6 Specifications

  • Moisture Content: 15% Max
  • Chalky Grains: 8% Max
  • Average Grain Length: 6 MM
  • Foreign Matter: Nill % Max
  • Paddy Grain: Nill % Max
  • Broken Grains: 5 % Max
  • Under-milled & Red-striped: 2% Max
  • Sorting 100%